Create and Deliver Your Virtual Workshop
In 30 Days

Get a replay of this live online training where you will learn how to create market and deliver your own virtual workshop from the comfort of your own home.

Online Training - Replay 

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Are you really unlocking the value of the knowledge you already have?

Are you a coach or a therapist who loves what you do?  Do you have a virtual workshop that you could easily deliver via zoom from the comfort of your own home?

The Covid Crisis changed the way we work and how we are prepared to shop for goods and also services. Working from home and working virtually have become normal, and often a desireable lifestyle choice.

As suppliers of coaching or health care related services this new world is both an opportunity and a potential business ending problem. Are you providing your services online as well as in person?

Course Price- US$ 97

Live Online Training Replay

Build your online profile as an expert in your field. Create an online product that you feel confident to deliver, that your clients love,  and that can run easily using free tools you already have.

Build Your Online Business
Run Your Own Virtual Workshop Every Month

Using the simple tools you already have.


Learn how to use ChatGPT to create your first draft marketing copy to speed up your workflow.


We have been successfully running online workshops for the past 18 months. Learn from our experience.


Trying something now on your own is daunting, especially when online tools are involved.

You will get the chance to test your own setup and get valuable live feedback.

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About David Orchard

For the past 10 years I have helped business owners and content creators build and market their presence online. My wife is an acupuncturist. I have seen at first hand the opportunities and the difficulties of growing and sustaining a health care practice in a constantly changing environment. I am convinced that coaches and therapists must embrace the opportunity to extend their activities to include online services and digital marketing. 

Clients Testimonials

Rolf Wiseman

Conference Speaker

Beating Overload

David gave me the tools and knowledge to navigate the complex digital world and create a strategy that aligned with my business goals.

June Sanchez

Business Coach

Course Creation

After taking David's course I was able to create a digital marketing strategy that helped me increase my sales by 50%. Thank you so much.

Sarah Dekarz


Traffic Generation

I was able to optimize my website, create compelling content, and drive traffic to my site like never before. Thanks to David's help.

Course ModulesWhat You Will Learn

How to create, market and deliver your workshop


Module 1: Tools- Minimise Tech Headaches

We will look in depth at the tools and techniques that you will need in order to deliver your online workshop. There is nothing complicated or expensive. If you have zoom and powerpoint (keynote) you are good to go. The key is understanding what content you need to create in advance and then how to deliver it seemlessly during the online workshop.


Module 2: Marketing - Own Your Niche

We will look at how you can attract clients for your online workshop. You will create a communication plan for your existing clients and then branch out to attract new clients from further afield.


Module 3: Deliver Your Workshop - Low Risk High Reward

We will go through the steps of delivering your workshop. You will see how to easily handle your presentation whilst interracting with the participants. And of course how to make sure you are recording the right areas of your screen to create the replay.

Why Do You Need Your Own Online Workshop?

We have no idea what will be happening in the world in a year's time. We know that we shouldn't worry about things that we can't change. But that doesn't mean that we shouldn't be preparing ourselves for new circumstances and new business realities.

Do we turn down new opportunities because we are overwhelmed? No we don't. We get the right information, create the right plan and build successful outcomes.

You Can Easily Run a Virtual Workshop Every Month

There are no overheads when you run a virtual workshop. You don't have to hire a venue. You dont have to set up a room with hired materials. No travel, meal and accommodation costs. Your sales revenue is 100% profit in your pocket.  



Live training, full private replay and BONUSES



  • Live Training Replay
  • Salespage analysis
  • Email product launch sequence 
  • Solo Facilitator Checklist
  • Zoom Recording Analysis
  • Thrivecart Shoppingcart Guide
  • Presentation Analysis

And finally...

It is always stressful to start a new business activity. The key to your success is fast implementation of the new information that you will have at your fingertips. Once you master the basics of running online workshops and attracting a consistent flow of new clients you will be ahead of the game. This is a low risk, low overhead, high reward business opportunity that you can start today.