Create An Online Workshop In 30 Days

Watch these videos to see how to create and run small virtual workshops

In the first video you will see how to organise and run a virtual workshop. In the second video we go through a case study of a virtual workshop held in January 2023.

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Workshop Video Content

0:10 What is it?
0:26 Why?
2:37 Who am I?
3:30 How to deliver the training
4:30 What you need
6:30 Payment gateways
7:20 Your Presentation
7:52 Your Marketing

Case Study Video Content

0:00 Description
0:38 Website salespage
2:26 First version
3:10 Email marketing - Convertkit
4:16 Facebook marketing
4:31 Shopping cart payment
5:46 Thank you page
6:15 Course material
7:07 Going live
7:47 Our sales figures
8:46 Recommendations

The Tools To Use

Zoom for virtual meeting
Keynote or ppoint to create presentation
Convertkit for email marketing
Thrivecart shopping cart for payments

10 Alternatives to Zoom: click here

Your 30 Day Plan (4 weeks)

Week 1
Consolidate your existing course material and create a slide presentation designed to accompany your online teaching. Begin to rehearse and test timings. Plan spaces in the presentation for break out rooms and questions and answers.
Create a PDF document of content that students will refer to during the live training.
Identify all potential leads and create an email list. If you already have a list create tags and segments to organise your prospects.
Plan out an email sequence of 10 emails.
Create a sales page on your website that presells your course.
Post relevant content to facebook (or other social media platform).
Create the free content that will become your lead magnet. This should contain video content.

Week 2
Look for as many new leads as possible. Finalise and test how you wish to deliver your free product.
Create an email capture page (squeeze page) on your website.
Create other relevant web pages (thank you, login, faq etc).
Ask colleagues to promote your course using the squeeze page.
If you are comfortable using facebook ads set up an ad campaign.
Use another paid ad platform if you prefer.
Send content driven emails.

Week 3
Open your salescart on your sales page. Begin your email sales sequence.
Rehearse your presentation on zoom.
Answer relevant questions. Create a FAQ document.
Find an alternative communication tool to email. I use WhatsApp.
This will be your backup when customers cant find their emails.

Week 4
Continue your email sales sequence to prospects. 
Create video content about the launch. Post it to social media.
Rehearse your presentation. Practice recording to zoom.
Creat a customer contact list.
Check to see that all customers have opened their information emails.
Go live and enjoy your workshop.

Check out our live online training happening on April 30th